FREE Real Estate Review

WestCobb Alliance wants to keep you “in-the-know” about your property value and local property values. One of our services is a FREE ANNUAL REAL ESTATE REVIEW. To set an appointment for your review, just call us at 417-592-3245. You don’t need to have selling on the mind, to benefit from a free Real Estate Review.

Real Estate is typically the largest asset that most of us will ever own. Therefore, it makes sense that we should know what?s happening with the value of  that asset on an annual basis. One of the many services that WestCobb Alliance provides for our clients, is an annual Real Estate Review. This is a complete listing of the Real Estate activity in your community and/or neighborhood over the past 12 months.

Included in your report:

 Property Record Card

 Visual Market Analysis

 Appreciation Information

We look forward to talking REAL ESTATE with you soon, call us today for your Free Real Estate Review. Phone: 417-592-3245 or send us an email request.

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